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Psychology post-grad who loves photography, fashion, beauty, food, & life. Follow me on instagram: @societyofsnobs
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Psychology post-grad who loves photography, fashion, beauty, food, & life.
Follow me on instagram: @societyofsnobs
Weekends be like 🌸
@tullulahofficial will be participating in @publicgarden - this time at Suntec Convention Hall from 22-23 Apr. I really love how edgy the Petra looks, what about you?
Smile, sparkle, shine. Absolutely thrilled that I got to check @nhaphakhaoyai off my resorts bucket list.
You know you have to visit when your favourite luxury brand opens a popup store! So satisfied with the beauty makeover. | πŸ’„: Rouge Coco Gloss in Opulence #cococafe #chanelcafe #chanelpopup #notsponsored
@schmileymo had to make frilled hem jeans cuter than they already are! They're stocked at @fashionvaletsg. | πŸ“·: @wongggmh
Felt like I was Belle in her beautiful town whilst strolling around @primopiazza. . Top: @zara via @accesscoms #dearsingapore Bag: @rabeanco #rabeanco
So put your lilac-coloured glasses on & party on. @nhaphakhaoyai
Feeling a little flirty in Boudoir Blouse from @ohvola now available for backorder. #ohvola #ohvolaootd #sostravelogue
annefermano: That sheer top is to love!
Gold guns girls | πŸ“·: @ardaisy_ ⚑️
annefermano: Love the lip shade
JoanneMara: Perfect shot with the perfect ootd!
Is anyone else as in love with mixing monochrome patterns as I am? ◾️◽️
A good facial is when it rejuvenates both you skin & your mind. @dskinsg's Filato Advanced Collagen Treatment does just that while reintroducing collagen into the skin for instant plumping and moisture. | πŸ“·: @luxmondi
MaskCrusader: I have been going to dskin @ Kovan for more than 8 years . Love their facials
The better you dress, the worse you can behave. Free shipping for international orders over $150 when you shop at @sonderthelabel. | πŸ“·: @henryy_y
Nothing like new activewear to get me up & moving. Thanks, @lornajaneactive, for the Cool Off Sports Bra & Leah Core Stability Tight. #lornajane #lornajaneactive . Went for one more session of the Oriental Wellness Program because I've visible love handles. Will keep y'all updated with my progress! #shouslimming 😭
Wide strides everyday. Choker from @theordinaryco. | πŸ“·: @luxmondi
"Impress me with your style or smile." Second's definitely easier. Just waiting for some good news this week, what about you? Slogan T-Shirt from @zara online. Thanks, @accesscoms. #dearsingapore
Need a fast forward button to the next weekend! Off-Shoulder Tiered Top from @odetowhite & Soho 2 convertible tote bag @sometime_byasiandesigners.
Who's ready to give some πŸ‘ŠπŸ» to the last day of the week? Dressed in @zara & @charleskeithofficial. #dearsingapore #zarasg #imwithcharleskeith #charlesandkeithsg
Twice as determined 'cause @hannybuns finally decided to train me. Brb while I squat it like it's hot. @trainercell #sgfitness
When you've a photoshoot & insist on carrying a nice bag out. Lily Laced Dress from @sonderthelabel, bag from CΓ©line that seemed to grow in size since the day I bought it. | πŸ“·: @shotbyhayden #sonderthelabel #celineluggage
Life's good when you have red wine in one hand & big plans in another! Still feel that m I need a canopy bed like the one from @HotelNuveHeritage in my room. Top from @Mystique_E_Label.