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Going for that esthétique 🌞

Giant tissue rolls, but make it vogue. #工厂展示 #ChinaStepByStephYap

Snow white didn't learn her lesson 🍎

I'm a fortune cookie~ PS. just a fashion tip, straw hats are supposed to be worn at the beach, and... - read more

Water you doing this summer? 🌊 #StephInStyle

Water you doing this summer? 🌊 #StephInStyle

《20190209》 another day for the books ☆ Meeting @sheena.hotz has been nothing sho... - read more

Truth be told, I haven't used this bag as a bag. Yet. Hahaha photo by @rachnrolll ⚡

Finally had a cute outfit on when I went to #SunniesFace (other times I was haggard af, stress-buyin... - read more

ICYMI: some stills from the Dessert Museum vlog -- one of the sweetest days with my twinny @gillianr... - read more

Kargador at yer service #StephInStyle photo by @favour.ajah

Summer dreams ripped at the seams~ #StephInStyle at #LubaoIBMF2018 #AdobersHotInAir 🎈 phot... - read more

finally found a place as sweet as me~ 🍭 #StephInStyle

30 minutes to do my makeup, another 30 minutes to shoot, and just about 3 hours to edit -- all for a... - read more

Because I believe there is true power in expressing yourself in any way you want to ☆ #Coloure... - read more

A month after, and I still have too many photos of #SunniesXmas ☆ PS. ICYMI I have a Sunnies... - read more

The first episode of #HKStepByStephYap is now up on the channel~ this vlog wasn't particularly event... - read more

Coming into 2018 like 🌟 #StepByStephYap

Find out who my holi-date is at bit.ly/holidate-sbsy featuring products from @rosegal (use code "RO... - read more

a #sunniesxmas lookbook aka watch a minute of me just being extra af because of course I had to tak... - read more

Coming soon to your screens #sunniesxmas

Just casually hiding my holiday belly #sunniesxmas

Tanghaling Tapat -- best light, worst temperature to take a photo in ☀️ #TiisGanda #DoI... - read more

If Santa had my style~ 🎄 #StephInStyle

Everyone's fave bag~ To this day, people still ask me where I got this super cute pastel handbag, a... - read more

Just thinking about #AdobersTakeover this Sunday -- are you guys just as excited as I am?!?! YAY If... - read more

Is it too late for trick-or-treating? 🎃 #HKStepByStephYap

#MondayMantra as seen on my @yesstyle beret⚡#StephInStyle photo by my girl @schmmood

Squinting = 50% pa-cute 100% nasisilawan 200% singkit 😝 #HKStepByStephYap

More sun-struck than star-struck⚡ #HKStepByStephYap