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i eat and travel a lot

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slowly easing myself to travel locally (and safely!) one location at a time 👋🏻 new v... - read more

new vlog up on my channel! showing my shopee haul to u guys 🧡 link on my biooo

doc onti lang ha para di halata yung natural lang

setting my goals clearly this year! 🤓 @adamesliph #adamesli

creating vlogs at my corner in the couch is more convenient because i discovered this handy and very... - read more

no one takes care of my hair better than @moistdianeph! been using the extra damage repair shampoo &... - read more

dressed up today as if i was on my way to my class in college 😝 i haven’t used a tote... - read more

first vlog for the year is up on my channel! leave a comment, ya?

been searching for a jovan benito that perfectly describes me and my husband, as it’ll be the... - read more

i’m ready to create a lot of #beautifulmoments this christmas with @shiseidoph’s limited... - read more