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i eat and travel a lot

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happy to serve nyam @iwantchip cookies to our vp ma’am leni and the whole ovp team 🍪

get yo self a man who can turn samgyupsalamat into samgyupsabahay 👍🏻

happy birthday to our future foodie, amanda jodie ✨

until tomorrow, or whatevuh

raise your hand if your skin is doing so well because zero makeup all day every day 🙋ㇿ... - read more

opened my cookie shop to keep my sanity in check as i find baking vv therapeutic. hoping your sugar... - read more

where are you taking yourself after the quarantine?

spam + kimchi + rice + egg

view from my unwashed dishes in the sink

hapi wedding mansari to my captain ri ❤️

today’s mood lifter: the sky showing off its clear beauty ⛅️ how’s your day... - read more

how’s your skin today? ✨