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《喜怒哀乐》are the 4 common expressions whenever we VIU movies/dramas ✌🏻 With @viusg 's UPSIZED version, we now get to watch Asian's blockbuster movies aside from HK and K dramas and Variety shows! ✌🏻 [ S W I P E ➡️ ] You can also watch on-the-go on your mobile/ipad or connect to your TV via Airplay or Chromecast! VIU is available on Itunes/Google play stores so gogogo download now 🙆🏻 - - - - - #clozette #viusg #twradverts #twrlotd #makeuplooks Photos by: @happypillhappyvibes 💋
B r e a t h e , everything is gonna be okay 👌🏻 - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo credits: Nat bff @happypillhappyvibes 💋
Is it my next vacay is coming up soon? 😍 - - - - #clozette #twrlotd #twrootd Photo by: BESTIE @ericiism 💋
Emerald green hues this summer for that vintage touch 😍 - - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo by: @dthelawn 🙌
Summer is always never over; White dresses with pretty details always make me happy 👗👠❤️ - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo by @happypillhappyvibes bff 💋
My farewell gift from the sweetest IBG team which I couldn't bear to wear this satin glittery piece out for months 🙊because it's really pretty!!! In my fav colours navy blue and white at that! 😍😍😍 Thanksss for the pretty and comfy kicks and not forgetting my line brown phone casing once again guyzzz, 🙆🏻❤️ @nwaf_sloth @katlai91 @ekingoftheworld and Anthony - - - - #clozette #twrootd #keds #kedsstyle
Before my 3 year old trusty heels decide to retire itself 👠 it was one of my favourites though 😔 - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo by: Nat bff @happypillhappyvibes 💋
Of Eyelet and bohemian prints 💋 - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo by: Talented @happypillhappyvibes 💋
When you can't take your pick to make that palette your "everyday" palette 😂 Now... which one should I? - - - - #clozette #twrflatlay
Sunny day, miles away ☀️💋 - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo by: Talented nat @happypillhappyvibes ❤️
Summer vibes ☀️💋 - - - - #clozette #twrootd
Let's kick start August with a big bang 💥 - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo by: @happypillhappyvibes 💋
Dropped a new blogpost on my thoughts of my daily skin care products Ft Gobdigoun Korea Skin Care as well as the makeup products that I use on a daily basis! *SWIPE LEFT* for a full photo of the products that I use and featured in my blogpost ✌🏻😎 Do head over and check out my review and thoughts on them! ❤️ Hope you guys had a fab weekend! 💋 - - - - - #clozette #twradverts
Mgrazielle: ❤️❤️❤️
" ITS DINNER TIME" 🍽😋 - - - - - #clozette #twrflatlay #twrdiet
Of palm trees and leaves 🍃🌴 - - - - #clozette #twrootd Photo credits: @nwaf_sloth ❤️
FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, @nots_global are celebrating their one year anniversary and they are giving away A SPECIAL GIFT BOX which contains: 1. 1 SOOTHING GEL MASK 2. 1 LAVENDER RELAX DAILY MASK 3. 1 LIP REPAIRING BALM 4. SOME OTHER SAMPLES FOR YOU TO TRY! You can get this get gift box when you spend more than $60 worth of @nots_global products at @sasasingapore ! It's a really good deal and im loving their lip balm btw if you watched my instastory review on their lipbalm! ❤️✌🏻😎 - - - - - #clozette #twradverts #twrflatlay
HEY GUYZZZ, some of you have asked me what products I use on a daily basis for my "everyday makeup look" so I will be sharing with you guys the products I use on my blog soon so stay tuned ✌🏻😎 Have a great sunday meanwhile hehe 💋❤️ - - - - - #clozette #twrlotd #drchuachengyu
No better way to welcome my weekend 🙏❤️ - - - - - #clozette #twrdiet #twrflatlay
I've been undergoing laser sessions for my acne scars/ pimple problems that has been haunting me since my adolescent years 😭 Do join me on my journey to better skin together with @drchuachengyu and Mizu Aesthetic Clinic as we battle against my acne scarring problems! So far it's been a session with them and my skin has shown results! ( Do watch my instastory for the results before it's gone! ) Hope you guys have a fab monday! 💋 - - - - #clozette #twrlotd #drchuachengyu Photo by @fiona.angye ❤️
Perhaps I should change my insta name to spottedwhiteroses instead 🤔🎨🌹 - - - - - #clozette #twrlotd #sgloveskusama Photo credits: @fiona.angye 💋