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Because why not #clozette

On holiday mood rn. Self discipline better kick in soon. #clozette

The sweetest thing that's happened this year. 🌻🌼🌷🌸🌹🌺... - read more

Last ever presentation in poly: check 👍 Two more finals and it's off to half a year of inte... - read more

Broke my ankle #clozette

Happy Sunday! #clozette

H49BSG | As much as I always go on and on about travelling/ moving abroad, this'll always be home. &... - read more

Happy feet #clozette

"Oh I know I'm never gonna stop I keep burning time away until I hit the top One day I'll wake up... - read more

#throwback Boracay #clozette

Everytime I see you, you become even more of a stunner. But yes, it's best to only have you in small... - read more

It's a gloomy morning, but here's to hoping the rest of your day gets brighter!! 😊😀&... - read more

This week's nails 💅 | They feel like sand which makes me really miss Boracay 😭 #clo... - read more

In my opinion, the best way to accessorise. #clozette

#throwback #clozette

Counting down to internship #clozette

The coming 2 weeks are going to be beyond gruelling 😪😞😔 #clozette

#ootd for cycling around Canberra #clozette

New favourite top + necklace #clozette

Snip snip. Back to shoulder length hair days. #clozette

Cheong sum #clozette

It's been an exhausting year (exhausting is a terrible understatement), but I can finally wave A BIG... - read more

Can't wait for finals to be over. #clozette