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Asian Cooking Classes For Travelling Foodies

For your fill of flavours

Food is an essential part of an immersive cross-cultural experience. It's like a shared language that allows us to connect with others through flavours and indulgences without requiring too much thought or effort. This makes gastronomy a significant component in one's travels. But what if there's a way we can make it deliberate, enough for us to be able to take home the authentic taste and feel of travelling through our palates? We've got just the thing: cooking classes.

That's right! One of today's growing travelling trends is immersing yourself in a quick traditional cooking class, allowing for love of food and curiosity to meet in the middle. Just in Asia alone, there are many classes you could take. Curious? Here are Asian cooking classes you should definitely book next. 

Tsukiji Cooking in Tokyo

Despite Tokyo's renowned fish market finally relocating at Toyosu, Tsukiji Cooking retains its name from its former home due to its global synonymity as one of the capital's most exciting food hubs. Offering a variety of schedules that you could easily fit into your itinerary, Tsukiji Cooking includes a tour of the outer market where you will also shop for your freshest finds before learning how to transform them into a stellar plate of sushi (required) and another choice of course ranging from either tonkatsu, tempura, or robatayaki (seafood barbeque). They even have bundled rates if you're doing it with a buddy!

Lobong Cooking School in Bali

Not only is Bali turning into one of Asia's hottest and most accessible destinations (especially for beach bums!), it is also paving the way for Indonesian cooking to be more appreciated globally. And if you're one who frequently craves for nasi lemak, nasi goreng, and of course, their famed sambals (side dishes/sauces), why not learn how to take these dishes home with a class at Lobong Cooking School? Situated in Ubud, this encouraging culinary experience not only delivers a homey appeal even to kitchen newbies with their friendly classes, but they also offer vegetarian options for those who prefer their Indo-eats sans the meat. 

Vietnam Cookery Centre in Vietnam

If you find yourself looking for some downtime in the midst of the beautiful yet busy Ho Chi Minh City, a stop at the Vietnam Cookery Centre is definitely ideal. Choose between a variety of classes — those where you can get a certificate to commemorate your time or another where you can take your pick from over 200 courses — all promising a delightful and delectable experience. 

Silom Thai Cooking School in Thailand

Tom yum, som tam, yam talay — we're sure that just thinking about these Thai dishes are already making your tummies rumble. So if you happen to be in Bangkok, why not try your hand at making these (and more) by booking a class at Silom Thai Cooking School? Embrace traditional Thai cooking that feeds your senses —  from a cultural guided market tour to the actual hands-on classes, giving you an authentic and immersive experience. It'll be like learning kitchen techniques from Thai mums themselves. 

OME Cooking Class in South Korea

Say annyeong to your tastebuds as we're ending this with a dedication to our K-culture fanatics. Learn how to create Korean dining favourites — like kimchi, pajeon, bulgogi, japchae and more — through a guided experience with OME Cooking. Similar to the others, you get to experience a market tour and shopping segment prior to the class, doing as the locals do, before you head to the kitchen and make some culinary magic. 

P.S. On the topic of food, make sure you keep these dining etiquette in mind when travelling across Asia.