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If you often travel to Bangkok for some serious retail and massage indulgence, you might have seen the stores and spas of local beauty brand, THANN, located along the city’s famous shopping malls like Emporium, Gaysorn Village and Siam Paragon. Now, with a holistic wellness lifestyle in mind, the brand welcomed us to their THANN Wellness Destination nestled in the tranquil city of Ayutthaya. Because, you know, wellness is more than just products and two-hour spa experiences.

Outside the THANN Store & Spa at Gaysorn Village Mall in Bangkok

Founded in 2002, THANN offers a botanical range of body, hair and skincare products that marries the art of natural therapy with modern dermatological science. One of the key ingredients in their well-loved Rice Collection, Rice Bran Oil — which contains three types of vitamin E and acts as a natural antioxidant, emollient and sunscreen — is specifically extracted from Japanese rice because of its smaller molecular structure for deeper skin penetration.

(Left) Checking out the THANN Aromatic Wood Collection; (Right) Discovering the texture of the THANN Oil-Free Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++ with Nano Shiso

Another popular range — and one of our therapeutic favourites — is the Aromatic Wood Collection. Uplifting Nutmeg is balanced with the sweetness of Orange and Tangerine for a joyfully gentle scent that relaxes the mind. If you’re new to the brand, you must try their bestselling Aromatic Wood Aromatherapy Shower Gel.

As advocates of sun protection, we reached out for the Oil-Free Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++ with Nano Shiso (a type of leaf you often see used in Japanese dishes — it contains 300 times of vitamin A more than the kiwi, and 160 times of vitamin C than lemon) and White Tea Extract. It’s so popular that each customer is limited to only three sets for every purchase. More than just a sunscreen, this product soothes the skin after sun exposure and lightens skin over time.

Onwards to the THANN Wellness Destination

Along a pathway of the THANN Wellness Destination

After an afternoon of touring the THANN boutiques in bustling Bangkok, we embarked on an hour’s car journey to the THANN Wellness Destination in Ayutthaya. It comes as no surprise that this historical, old capital of Thailand was chosen as a home for the national brand’s guests to spend some quality time for rest and rejuvenation. For the history and heritage buffs, you’ll be glad to know that the THANN Wellness Destination is just 30 minutes away from the Ayutthaya Historical Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

The four monkey statues at the lobby building

With serenity as a consistent theme, the architectural design of the resort is flowered with discreet influences from ancient Ayutthaya art and design. Greeting guests at the center of the lobby building are four monkey statues: three “wise monkeys” that embody the proverbial principle of ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’, and a fourth monkey statue with a banana in hand, which symbolises mercy.

Housed at the gorgeous river view suite

The resort offers 46 luxuriously spacious guest accommodations which include river view suites, tree houses and pool villas. Each accommodation is equipped with a complimentary in-room healthy drink and snack bar and of course, a bestseller range of THANN’s natural skincare and aromatherapy products. To support environmental sustainability, you will notice that plastic bottled water is not used throughout the resort.

All decked in resort attire as we go about the wellness activities

Upon arrival, we were asked by one of the friendly staff to complete a questionnaire that will help them determine our meal, exercise and relaxation options at the resort. We were also given a resort attire to change into, as if to encourage us to let go of our fashion and our ego, and to just be in our basic elements. It felt liberating, to say the least. One less thing to worry about and more time to focus on our personal well-being.

Unlimited wellness activities for the ultimate R&R

Enjoying a 90-minute Swedish massage at the spa treatment room

At the heart of the establishment sits the Spa Complex. The complex features 15 treatment rooms, an aromatherapy bathhouse, an aromatherapy steam room, three activity studios and a fitness gym. Each night of stay gives you a complimentary 90-minute spa treatment and unlimited access to all wellness activities.

Soaking the wellness up at the aromatherapy bathhouse

After a long day of activities, we particularly enjoyed soaking in the hot baths at the aromatherapy bathhouse. Choose to indulge in any of their three baths set at different temperatures and infused with essential oils: a cool bath at 25°C to stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems, a warm bath at 30°C to pamper tired muscles and joints, or a hot bath at 39°C for improved circulation and metabolism. Imagine soaking in the hot bath without having to travel all the way to Japan for an onsen experience!

Pedal boating we’ve heard of, but river cycling on river Noi was certainly a memorably new experience for us. We tried our, well, legs at river cycling just before the sun set. It was a bit of a workout, but we were greeted by a peaceful sight — and a scrumptious meal awaited.

Savouring The Art of Plate

(Left) Lobster Phad Thai for lunch; (Right) Rice Porridge for breakfast

Aside from the wellness activities, all main meals at the THANN Wellness Destination are also part of the room charge. Designed to retain natural flavours and deliver nutritious values, every menu is developed to uplift the mind with its fresh ingredients. And mind you, dishes created for wellness does not have to be bland or boring. Our tummies were treated to a feast that was pure bliss.

The Passion Behind THANN Wellness Destination

We had the privilege to spend time with Tony (Thitipat) Suppattranont, the heart and soul behind THANN and this magnificent destination. Inspired by the Australians’ love for DIY body care using natural ingredients from Mother Nature during his four-year MBA stint in Australia, he launched THANN so we get to enjoy the goodness of this natural brand today.

In conversation with THANN's founder, Tony (Thitipat) Suppattranot

From leading the design of the resort and conducting training for all new staff to the plating of each dish and the development of exercise routines, Tony is an intelligent, thoughtful, humourous, and incredibly down-to-earth man with a passion for nature, culture, heritage, and the human connection. He witnessed how happy his customers were after their two-hour spa sessions, and with the new THANN Wellness Destination, the destination to holistic wellness will be well within reach.

And Tony’s personal favourite product? The Shiso Body Butter — good for dry skin, not greasy, and mildly scented so you get to wear your perfume too!

The THANN Wellness Destination officially opens at the end of October 2019. Find out more here. THANN products are also available online and at Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore.



The week surely went by so fast, didn’t it? With these past few days filled with exciting happenings, it was a blur. Missed everything? Before you continue your fun this weekend, make sure you’re updated on this week’s hottest buzz. From Jennifer Aniston posting a reunion selfie with the Friends cast and breaking an Instagram record to Kylie Jenner’s Rise and Shine song becoming a viral hit, here’s a quick recap of all that you should know. 

Jennifer Aniston breaks an Instagram record and the app with a Friends reunion

Earlier this week, Jennifer Aniston finally made her debut on Instagram by posting a selfie with the whole cast of Friends. In just the first five hours and 16 minutes of her joining, she broke an Instagram record and got herself one million followers. Now she’s the fastest to get that amount of followers, snatching the Guinness World Record title from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s @sussexroyal account. Funnily enough, this caused the app to crash, making it impossible for people to follow her for a while. Now, the actress’ follower count is on 13.2 million and counting and we’re so excited to witness much more of her everyday hijinks and Friends throwbacks through the platform.

Kylie Jenner’s Rise and Shine song becomes a viral hit

We got a glimpse of a number of fascinating things in the office tour Kylie Jenner posted on YouTube last week. Still, the online world honed in on one specific moment where Kylie sang to wake up her daughter Stormi. We got just one brief but glorious line, “rise and shine,” but the internet already exploded with this rare occasion of her showing off her vocal range. Aside from inspiring the creation of memes, this viral snippet also prompted fans to make parodies and remixes with the short tune. Even Ariana Grande did a cover for fun. But not everyone’s enjoying it as much. Hilariously, Stormi, after dancing to a remixed version of the song for a few seconds, requested her mum to change it into a song by her dad, Travis Scott.   

Barbie rents out her Malibu dream house on AirBnb for one night

Barbie renting out her Malibu Dreamhouse on AirBnb and Jennifer Aniston breaking Instagram with a Friends reunion selfie are some of the hottest news this week

(Photo from: airbnb.com)

Getting a peek of Kylie Jenner’s life would lead one to believe that she’s like a real life Barbie. But what if we tell you that you can experience that yourself? For the first and only time ever, Barbie is renting out her Malibu dream house on AirBnb. It’s a real place in California and one lucky guest will be able to book her uber luxurious pink-themed property for USD60 a night, in honour of her 60th anniversary. The lucky person will be able to stay for two nights from 27 to 29 October with up to three friends. Features include an infinity pool, a private cinema, and a whole array of activities so you could experience Barbie’s everyday life. Find out more about the fab listing here.

SK-II re-imagines the legend of Pitera with their new limited edition drops

The legend of Pitera, SK-II’s signature power ingredient, began in an old brewery. But this season, we get to see the legend come to life through the lens of imma, Japan’s first-ever virtual human, in a world of mixed reality and music. With the bold manga patterns of designer Fantasista Utamaro, the power of Pitera is given fantastic colour. But seeing isn’t just enough, is it? Experience for yourself the ingredient’s miraculous effects through the newly-launched SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition here

Culture Cartel is bigger and better this 2019 with a star-studded line-up

Culture Cartel, Asia’s first-of-its-kind street culture convention, is back on 6 to 8 December following its lit inaugural launch last year. It promises to be bigger and better, with three floors of F1 Pit Building jam-packed with street art, fashion, music, and more. Culture Cartel 2019 will feature a star-studded line-up of artists and brands from all over the world. We know it’s still October, but it’s never too early to layout your plans for the month of December. So drop by the event and grab early bird passes, available until 31 October for SGD20, to get exclusive discounts and merchandise. 

(Cover photo from: netflix.com)

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The sun is in Libra and the moon is in Gemini today, and with this double air sign creates a trine of friendship and fun. Thinking of gifting your bestie with a personal token of friendship? Or do you simply want to add a delicate piece to your collection? We’ve scoured the Internet for some local brands that will cater to the astrology enthusiast within you. Ahead, some beautiful majestic and dainty pieces of jewellery that will have you adding them to your shopping cart straight away.

CARI Philippines

Cari is an online store whose modern, hand-finished pieces are perfect for everyday wear. They have astrology-inspired collections that range from necklaces to earrings to rings (like their Constellation Rings made with sterling silver, priced at PHP479/~USD9.33), so you’ll definitely find the perfect piece that suits your taste. Their designs are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and non-tarnish, making them pieces that will last a lifetime.


The stars aligned to create these ARVA.co necklaces. A jewellery brand based in Singapore, they create modern and sophisticated jewellery any woman would want to have. Their designs were made to showcase the beauty of individuality and uniqueness of every woman. Check out their premium Horoscope Zodiac Constellation Necklaces, with pieces all priced at SGD36.90/~USD27.03.

Wanderlust + Co.

Wanderlust + Co.’s striking Zodiac collection has the perfect balance of minimalism and statement-making design. From constellations to crescent moons, they use recycled brass plated in 14K-18K gold and rhodium in making this collection. They also have demi-fine pieces that are also celestial-inspired and made of sterling silver plated in 14K gold. They’re based in Malaysia, where their pieces are carefully hand-crafted by their in-house artisans.


Jeoel creates wearable, everyday pieces that add a little touch of whimsy to your look. If you’re more into celestial images, like the sun, moon, and stars, check out their Moon Mermaid collection. Each piece is made with sterling silver plated in rhodium and real diamonds and gems. The best part: you can cop these designs for under RM300/~USD71.67.

(Cover photo from: @wearcari)

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