Here’s How To Do The Trendy Sea Glass Nails Manicure | Clozette

Move over, jelly nails — a new trend in town is coming for your crown. Sea glass nails are the trendiest manicures among Instagram's nail-a-holics. Very reminiscent of the jelly nails trend, it gives last season’s trending manicure a sophisticated twist. The main differentiating feature: the finish. Jelly nails are shiny and glossy while sea glass nails are more opaque by using a clear matte topcoat. Ahead, some nail inspo on how to customise this trend for your personal taste.

Classic Sea Foam Green

Amp up the mermaid vibes with a classic seafoam green shade. The trick is to choose a “see-through” colour in a pastel hue to achieve this manicure. One perk of this manicure is that it’s still subtle and classy enough for work. Just don’t get distracting while typing on your work computer!

Rainbow Coloured French Tips

Yes, you can do every colour on the rainbow. From pale reds to purples, sea glass nails offer an endless host of possibilities. It doesn’t even have to cover your entire nail; take a look at this French tip iteration of the trend.

Flecks of Glitter

A sea glass manicure doesn’t have to be completely matte. You can have some subtle glitter and shine with your choice of base colour underneath the topcoat. Finish it off with some gems on the cuticles for added bling.

Iridescent Nails

Not of a fan of the translucence? Stick to your regular pastel polish, layer on some iridescent glitter polish, and seal it in with a matte topcoat. Nails any mermaid would still be proud of, in our opinion!

Acrylic Nails

If you’re one for experimental style, try this trend with acrylic nails. The added length and thickness will improve the overall look of this manicure. It also delivers that smooth, filmy quality of real sea glass —definitely a good recipe for Insta-worthy nails.

(Cover photo from: @jessicawashick)

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Primers are an integral part of today’s beauty habits because these products make putting cosmetics easier and also make them last longer. Think of primers as chic undergarments — you don’t really see them when you have your clothes on but they make you feel secure. 

But just like any beauty product, one can’t just use any type of primer and hope for the best. The good news is that makeup products in the market these days are quite detailed when it comes to the ingredients. So what beauty primer works best for Asian skin — for Asian weather? We’ve chosen some of our favourites below. 

Etude House Of Beauty Shot Face Blur with SPF33

Primers For Asian Skin - Etude House

SGD27.90/~USD20 (

This lightweight cream provides a “blurring” effect that instantly makes skin smooth and ready for makeup. This works best with skin that has small blemishes like pores and can instantly minimise them to make your complexion looking extra smooth. 

Innisfree no-Sebum Blur Primer

Primers For Asian Skin - Innisfree

SGD15/~USD11 (

This beauty product is a favourite among many women because of its ingredients: Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint. The ingredients are known for instantly calming the skin (especially the sensitive ones) and help the complexion get primed for other cosmetics. 

Smashbox Original Photo Finish

Primers For Asian Skin - Smashbox

USD36 (

This primer is one of the most popular products in the market today. It has become such an effective product that Smashbox actually came out with more variants that match different skin types. The original blend, however, remains to be one of the best today because a small application instantly creates a silky outcome. 

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel

Primers For Asian Skin - Chanel

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This product’s Multi-Use Illuminating Base creates a nice matte finish when applied which also becomes dewy and a tad shimmery as the day goes. Definitely a must-have for anyone who dreams of having glowing skin.



We are fast approaching the end of 2019 but before that, there’s one more holiday we are looking forward to: Christmas. Get ready for a whole wave of holiday releases coming your way. Our latest favourite? Etude House’s Holiday 2019 Collection

Etude House Rudolph, Coming to Town Collection

Last week, we were psyched to check out the holiday-themed products from the Korean beauty brand's Rudolph, Coming to Town Collection in Singapore. The star of the show was none other than Rudolph, with his nose red and oh-so bright. With a theme of hope and acceptance, this differentiating feature certainly makes Rudolph the perfect muse for the collection. Interested to know more about what you can expect this season? Read on.

Better Lips Talk for Holiday 2019 collection

Rudolph, Coming To Town Better Lips Talk (SGD18.90/~USD13.91)

For Christmas, Etude House is adding five spanking new shades — perfect for the Fall/Winter season by the way — to their best-selling Better Lips Talk range. The nude brown shades will get you into the right Fall mood, while the muted red shades are ideal for the holiday festivities. As per the popular Better Lips Talk formulas, these lipsticks are both buildable and blendable which will leave you with endless possibilities when it comes to makeup looks. Go from a sharp matte look to a softer, gradient lip, whatever you like.

Look bright-eyed with just a few swipes of the Rudolph, Coming To Town Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara (SGD24.90/~USD18.33), which coats and curls your lashes evenly. If you like the natural makeup look best, we say go for the limited edition Rudolph Brown variant. It has a nice reddish-brown tint with a softer finish on your lashes.

Play Colour Eye Mini Palettes - Holiday 2019 Collection

While we’re on the eyes, get your hands on the limited-edition Play Colour Eye Mini Palettes from the collection. We can't help but gush over the furry, fluffy packaging on one of the palettes. It mimics a reindeer’s pelt with its plush texture, showing Rudolph’s antlers and bright red nose. The eyeshadows inside are luxurious to the touch and swatches beautifully. They shimmer and glitter nicely, which is perfect for your holiday looks. 

Lastly, because a holiday collection isn't complete without hand creams, Etude House has included two 50ML variants of the Hand Bouquet Hand Crème to keep your hands well-moisturised during the holidays. Slip it into your purse for reapplication throughout the day.

Shop Etude House’s Holiday 2019 Collection through Lazada, Shopee, and their official boutiques.